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Services for Individuals

Services for Individuals

Two Levels of Service:

Level 1:  Emergency Access to Health Care Directives

Your Health Care Directives are available 24/7/365:

From anywhere in the world, you can access your health care information and emergency documents online. Should you require emergency care, the attending physician can instantly access your Health Care Directives, your primary care physician, and your health information (via your wallet card and PIN).

Specifics about allergies, conditions, medication, and your emergency contact information are provided along with your Medical Directive. Hospital personnel will have access only to your health care information (only viewing and printing). Providing attending physicians access to your vital medical information can help prevent hospital errors which can occur when treating unfamiliar patients. Your documents speak for you when you cannot.

Do you have a pet at home? This information can be included so your loved pet will not go for hours ~ possibly even days ~ without food or water if you are unable to return home as planned.

Level 2:  Emergency Access to both Health Care Directives & Original Documents

In addition to emergency access to Health Care Directives, EstateDoc Vault provides secure and private storage for your estate plan documents in our Vault. 

Your original documents will be available upon request to you or your representative, pursuant to your release and direction. 

Once a year you will receive a letter from us that reminds you to keep your important documents with us current with changes in next-of-kin, family, assets, and other information that can be critically important.

Your Health Care Directives and estate documents are stored on-line on our secure platform and are backed up on an alternate secure server that is not co-located with our office. This not only gives you 24/7/365 on-line, global access to your documents, but makes it easier for you to work with your attorney, tax advisor, and other professionals.

Your on-line documents are privately kept for only you, your attorney, and your personal representative, pursuant to your release and direction. This includes Post Mortem release to your representatives.

Member Benefits:

As a Member of EstateDoc Vault at either level, you receive, free of charge:

  • Secure storage of your original documents: (triple security: Vault, on-line, backed up on an alternate on-line server that is not co-located with EstateDoc Vault's office)
  • 24/7 on-line access to your documents, including Health Care Directives (HIPPA compliant, 128 bit SSL)
  • Notary Public services
  • Quarterly EstateDoc Vault newsletter

Membership Fees:

Level 1:  $50 per annum per person for wallet card and emergency access to Health Care Directives, physician, emergency contacts; any allergies, medical conditions, and medications

Level 2:  $100 per annum  per person for on-line storage of both estate planning and health care directive documents; wallet card, and emergency access to Health Care Directives, physician, emergency contacts; any allergies, medical conditions, and medications



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