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EstateDoc Vault

  1. Safely stores your original estate planning documents in our Vault located in Monterey, California office. You are free to review or access your originals, add new documents to your file, or remove your documents at any time.
  2. With EstateDoc Vault, your documents are available on-line 24/7 to you, your attorney, and your trustee or executor, pursuant to your release and direction.
  3. Your Medical Directives can be accessed by hospitals or first responders 24/7 with your unique and secure PIN code.
  4. We contact you annually to make sure your records you have stored with EstateDoc Vault are up-to-date. Your attorney is kept abreast of the location of your documents.


EstateDoc Vault provides you with a wallet card which, by keying in your personal PIN, instantly informs first responders, physicians, and hospitals about your unique medical needs, who to call on your behalf, and alerts them to a pet who may be home waiting for you. 

Never worry about your loved ones traveling alone. Should something happen, their medical and emergency contact information is available on-line globally 24/7/365.

Be prepared in the event you have an instant, critical need for your Health Care Directives and information.


You can store your documents in a safe deposit box in a bank or at home in a fireproof box. But is that enough? 

When the gas pipeline burst in San Bruno, California, the entire contents of houses were vaporized.

So how safe are your documents?

Will you, your family, advisors, or personal representative be able to locate all of your important documents?


AVAILABLE 24/7/365


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