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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How secure is the on-line access?

A. EstateDoc Vault's secure architecture, similar to that used by high-profile banks for online transactions, creates an ideal platform for sensitive documents. They are also backed up on an alternate secure server that is not co-located with our office (HIPAA-compliant SSL). 

Q. How quickly can first responders, attending physicians, and hospitals access my medical information?

A. Your Health Care Directives and information can be accessed instantly on-line (via your wallet card personal PIN).

Q. When the hospital accesses my Health Care Directives and information, will they see my other estate planning documents?

A. No. Should you choose to use both our medical directive and our estate planning document storage services, these documents are stored separately - doctors will not see your trusts or wills. 

Q. What if I want to change lawyers or other advisors?

A. EstateDoc Vault works for you, the individual, and is an independent service provider separate and apart from attorneys and other professionals. Simply advise us of the change in advisors and we will update your records accordingly.

Q. Can I, my family, attorney, and personal representative access my estate documents anytime?

A. Yes. They are available on-line globally, 24/7/365. Access is given pursuant to your release and direction.

Q. Is it common for critical documents to not be available when needed?

A. Yes, research shows that even though people secure and protect their financial futures, plan their estates, and decide their health care wishes, about 75% of the time these documents are not available in an emergency.

Q. How will my executor or trustee access my original documents?

A. Your legal documents are privately and securely stored in our Vault. Regular office hours are observed in addition to access by appointment evenings and weekends. When you need them, your documents will be available.









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