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Disclaimer: Documents held with EDV are stored in a fire-slow vault which is not fireproof. The vault is not designed to withstand explosion, intense heat, smoke, water, building collapse, mold or similar perils. The EDV vault does not provide protection against every possibility of physical loss and the documents contained in the Client file are not covered by insurance. Client understands that the personnel at EDV are not lawyers, tax advisors or money managers and no legal, tax or investment advice has been or will be provided. To the extent that information regarding Client’s legal, medical, personal or other data is provided to EDV personnel for input into the Client’s on-line file, EDV personnel will do their best to input such information accurately and fully. However, Client agrees to review such information and provide updates to such information as needed. EDV does not assume any liability for the accuracy or validity of data input by EDV at the request of Client.

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